Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moodle E-Learning Course Development (a book)

Of course I'm a huge fan and old-time user of Moodle so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I got excited by this new title:
Moodle E-Learning Course Development by William Rice

The book does look interesting, though I always wonder when I see print publications about online applications: why did the author chooose that medium? An online version would be so much more logical. The most obvious argument for an online version is, of course, ease of updating. I'm not saying that a hard copy book can never stand the test of times; plus, I know that quite a lot of people will still see higher prestige in a "real" book that they can hold in their hands - and I think I can also agree with them to some extent. Anyway, I'll write some more about this new book once I manage to learn more about it.

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