Thursday, April 13, 2006

New community for advanced users of IT in ELT

A message from Eric Baber:

ExtremeTechnoELT ( ) is a community for advanced users of IT and programmers who are involved in English Language Teaching in some way. You will feel most comfortable in this community if

  • you consider Office programs (Word, PowerPoint etc), e-mail and websurfing to be really very basic
  • HTML is old stuff and you know your XML from your DHTML and your PHP (or at least you know what those acronyms mean and what the technologies can do)
  • you want to explore whatever is currently at the leading edge of technology such as wikis and blogs and in particular are interested in setting these technologies up for yourself, rather than just using them
  • you want to push the technological boundaries, and frequently inform yourself of what other industries are doing and how they're using IT
  • you are the first to admit that half of what you're playing with will probably end up in the Recycle Bin
  • you acknowledge that there are real-world limitations for the use of technology, but you want a sandpit and want to play with abandon without being told that what you're doing isn't feasible in the "real world"!!

If you think this is the community for you head on over to . Please do also spread the word to anyone else you think may be interested. See you there!

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