Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hot Potatoes Charity Month

A message from Martin Holmes, creator of Hot Potatoes (probably the best tool for creating online teaching exercises):
May is Charity Month for Half-Baked Software, which means that for the whole of this month, we're donating all the money we receive for Hot Potatoes and Quandary licences directly to charity; the University of Victoria has waived its percentage, Stew and I have waived ours, and the company will cover ongoing costs and taxes out of its pocket, so if you buy a licence we'll give the entire amount of the licence price to charity.
More details are here:
Also, please note that licence prices are very cheap right now: A single-user Hot Potatoes licence is only $20 US, and a Quandary licence is also only $20 US. Buy now, get it cheap, and let the money go to charity!

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