Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What is edupunk?
My take on it:
  • learning against all odds and
  • relying on yourself for your own learning and
  • learning in innovative ways and
  • rejecting corporate pressure/constraints
Here are some other interpretations:
"Edupunk is an ideology referring to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude. Many instructional applications can be described as DIY education or Edupunk. It describes inventive teaching and inventive learning."
from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edupunk (page considered for deletion - for being too new [!!], since the whole concept first appeared under this name on 25 May 2009)
Here is how the whole thing was started by Jim Groom:
"For within those ideas is not a technology, but a group of people, who argue, disagree, and bicker, but also believe that education is fundamentally about the exchange of ideas and possibilities of thinking the world anew again and again, it is not about a corporate mandate to compete—however inanely or nefariously—for market share and/or power. I don’t believe in technology, I believe in people. And that’s why I don’t think our struggle is over the future of technology, it is over the struggle for the future of our culture that is assailed from all corners by the vultures of capital. Corporations are selling us back our ideas, innovations, and visions for an exorbitant price. I want them all back, and I want them now!
Enter stage left: EDUPUNK!"
Leslie Madsen Brooks had this to say:
"In short, edupunk is student-centered, resourceful, teacher- or community-created rather than corporate-sourced, and underwritten by a progressive political stance."
You might have been an edupunk all along only you didn't know you are one! At least it has a name now.

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At 18 June, 2008 06:10, Blogger Dennis said...

I was referred to Edupunk in messages from Brazil and Hungary within minutes of each other. I'm probably an edupunk, but I do like technology.


At 18 June, 2008 08:01, Blogger Elek Mathe said...

Dennis, you're most certainly an edupunk! In fact, you were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote "You might have been an edupunk all along only you didn't know you are one!" But I don't understand your "but" - "I'm probably an edupunk, but I do like technology." - to my mind, technology is the obvious tool for an edupunk.

At 18 June, 2008 09:49, Blogger Vance Stevens said...

You might also be a Webhead http://webheads.info - I've often said that Webheads are like hippies. They don't carry cards but you know if you are one, and also you know when you meet another one. Webheads was what we might have called edupunks before the latter term came into being, educators who have subscribed to what have long been called 'subversive' technologies. Given the success of this and other prior movements, is there anything new about EduPunks, apart from the slightly abrasive nature of the new term?

At 18 June, 2008 11:21, Blogger Elek Mathe said...

Vance, I got left out of the webheads list somehow quite a while ago - probably my e-mail was bouncing. Still, I always considered myself a webhead even without "officially" being a member. Concerning edupunk - as I said, maybe it's just a new word, possibly with a slightly different meaning. There might be a stronger emphasis on anti-corporate feelings and also on individual action - but this might be only my interpretation. Strangely, though, I don't find the term punk abrasive but I've noticed that many have commented on it. When I was at school, I was a "good boy" and never liked punks. But I think "punk" is just a word in edupunk. Who knows? This is so new that it is being filled with meaning as we speak.


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