Saturday, May 19, 2007

Web 2.0 and Language Learning by Graham Stanley

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At 25 October, 2007 05:55, Aura Cabello said...

What an interesting summary of the uses of the Web 2.0.

I've used blogs and webpages with my students but I did not realized the potential of blogs in the sense that I could show my students work to other teachers and students on line. You say it's easier that we think. I will defenitely try it. If you have any advice to give on that I will surely appreciate it.

Aura Cabello

At 25 October, 2007 15:38, Elek Mathe said...

The best advice anybody could give you is that you should just go ahead and do it! Set up your blog ( would be an obvious choice) in a few simple steps (and I mean *really* simple steps) and start posting. You could also look at some other educational blogs and see what you like about them, get a few ideas, and use them the way you see fit.


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