Monday, November 21, 2005

12th International CALL Research Conference - Call for Submissions

12th International CALL Research Conference

How are we doing?
CALL & Monitoring the Learner

University of Antwerp Language Institute Antwerp, Belgium, 20-22 August 2006

Conference theme and topics: In general, the CALL Conferences focus on research topics and issues in CALL Theory, Practice and Engineering.

CALL 2006 topics include: Student monitoring, assessment and evaluation;
Evaluation of technologies and systems (pre-use and post-use);
Quantitative and qualitative data gathering;
Tracking and Logging;
Stand-alone courseware versus online;
Self-assessment for autonomous language learners;
Washback toward teacher assessment;
Phenomenographic and other approaches;
Scaffolding and Negotiation of Meaning;
Computer-Assisted Language Testing;
Curriculum and Syllabus design;
Managing Language Learning;
Answer Evaluation and Feedback;

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 24 December 2005


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