Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mambo is now called Joomla!

Mambo is a popular CMS (content management system - you can create complex, professional-looking websites with it even if you have no programming knowledge), used by many, thought to be one of the best of its kind. Here's the exact copy of the announcement of their name change, directly from their website,

"Mambo has changed it's name to Joomla! today. After the develpers of the award wining content management system Mambo has left the rights holder of Mambo, the australian company Miro, they established a new website and will release the first version of Joomla!, which will be version 1.0.0, soon."

Well, what can I say? They are programmers, not grammarians... The first person to find all the mistakes in their announcement gets ...(I should think of a prize here). Mambo (sorry, Joomla! - how did they come up with this name??) is still a very good piece of open source software and I'll keep using it.

Visit their new website at


At 11 October, 2006 10:58, joomla sensay said...

Old entry, but very good. Now Joomla is better than mambo. I love it.


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