Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Language Magazine - August 2005 edition

The latest edition of Language Magazine features the following articles.
The first two may be downloaded free of charge; the others are available
by subscription only.

Online Learning Goes Live
Daniel Ward examines how voice tools are revolutionizing online learning

Guide to ESL Software
Hannah Zeiler takes a look at some of the latest software for English
language learners

Danish Integration
Anita Flemington reports on the Danish experience of cultural and
linguistic assimilation

Preserving Diversity in New Mexico
Natalia Madera traces the contribution of Semos Unlimited to the state's
cultural and linguistic education

Year of Languages | The Journey to Fluency
Marianna Pogosyan tackles becoming fluent in a foreign language

Last Writes
Richard Lederer on his kids the poker players

Plus all the latest news in language learning technology, book reviews
and source information on language funding

To access the journal online, visit:


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