Monday, May 31, 2004

Plans and a word of caution

You already know why I started this blog - not much planning was involved, I must admit. But now that I have it, I might just as well use it for something meaningful. Here are a couple of things that I might (note the emphasis on might) do with it:

* post news from the world of ICT in ELT
* put up interesting/relevant links
* share my views on ICT in ELT with the unsuspecting public
* post some activities using ICT in ELT

The above is in the order of probability. There's a good chance that I won't have time to do all or any of the above, or I might just get bored with this format. I simply don't know yet - I can't promise anything. But who knows? If I had to bet now, I'd say most probably I'll set up my own blog - I mean using one of my own domain names. The trouble is I quite like the design of this page. I don't think I would be able to replicate it or even if I could, it would be copyright infringement. So, all I can say is: we'll see.


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